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This week, two friends and I started with the intention to provide high-quality, yet cheap hosting of open-source software tools. Our primary audience are startups, small companies and societies, who are reluctant to lock themselves into the ecosystems of big providers like Google or Microsoft with questionable data privacy. We aim to be the go-to hosting provider for organizations that choose open-source solutions as their day-to-day software tooling, but yet do not have the expertise or capacity to take care of self-hosting them on own infrastructure.

We are launching with five popular open-source tools and a lot more yet to come. Our current repertoire includes:

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  • Mattermost (team chat, video conferencing, Slack & Teams alternative)
  • Seafile (file storage and -management, Dropbox & OneDrive alternative)
  • HedgeDoc (collaborative note-taking, OneNote & Evernote alternative)
  • WikiJS (personal knowledge management platform and wiki, Confluence & Notion alternative)
  • Vaultwarden (team password and credentials management, 1Password & LastPass alternative)

We have built our hosting infrastructure in generic way that allows us to quickly add new products to the stack. Essentially everything from awesome-selfhosted is a potential candidate for being hosted by, but our decisions will be guided based on what people will request.

It is important to us to clarify that we do not aim to make a lot of profit from this. We started primarily for fun and because we saw a true need for easy-to-use, GDPR-compliant OSS hosting. Also, we committed ourselves to donating 15 % of our revenue back to the great open-source community.

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Feel free to check out and give it a try (first 7 days are free trial anyway 😉). We highly appreciate every new customer and every recommendation to friends and family!