Wakapi's Year 2021

It has been a wild year and that applies to Wakapi as well. Now, that 2021 is almost over, I want to drop a couple of quite interesting statistics about Wakapi 🤓.

Coding Stats on Wakapi.dev

  • A total of 4,884,871 heartbeats were tracked this year
  • They make a total of 50,746 hours (5.89 years) of coding time in 2021
  • If every heartbeat is around 225 bytes of JSON, this would be approx. 1,245 MBytes of incoming traffic on the server
  • Our user base grew by 311 to a total of 440 users

Top Languages

Most used programming languages are TypeScript (26 %), JavaScript (13 %) and PHP (10 %)

select `key` as language, sum(total) / 60 / 60 as total
from summary_items si
inner join summaries s
on summary_id = s.id and s.from_time >= '2021-01-01' and si.type = 1 and `key` != 'unknown'
group by `key`
order by total desc
limit 10;

Top Editors

Most used editors / IDEs are VS Code (49 %), the Browser (10 %) (which is not actually an editor, but there is chrome-wakatime) and IntelliJ (idea) (9 %).

Top Operating Systems

Operating systems distribute more or less equally among Linux (36 %), Windows (34 %) and MacOS (30 %).

Open Source Project

The Wakapi open source project itself did big steps forward, too, and the release of version 2 is just around the corner 🚀.

Some statistics:

  • 351 commits were added
  • 155 issues on GitHub have been resolved
  • 633 stars were given in total (all time)
  • 9945 lines of code were added, making a total of 15316
    cloc --include-lang=Go,JavaScript,HTML,Python --exclude-dir=node_modules .
  • Around 176,000 lines have changed in total this year (including generated code, though)

Thanks a lot to all contributors!

Personal Stats

My personal coding stats look a bit different. I coded mostly in Java, followed by Go and VueJS. My total coding time this year is an astonishing amount of 899 hours (~ 5.4 weeks), which I spent 98 % of the time on Linux. My used IDEs are distributed more or less equally among VS Code, IntelliJ, GoLand and PyCharm.

Fun fact: during that time, I drank a total of 867 cups of coffee ☕️😱.